Bullying Policy and Bullying Incident Report Form
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Montgomery County R-II Anti-Bullying Policy

The Montgomery County R-II District is committed to making our schools safe and caring environments for all students. We will treat each other with respect and refuse to tolerate bullying of any kind.

Bullying Definition: (see Board policy JFCF)

Bullying is defined as repeated actions or actions which have the potential to be repeated that create an imbalance of power through intimidation or harassment of a student or multiple students perpetuated by individuals or groups. Bullying includes, but is not limited to: physical actions, including violence, gestures, theft, or damaging property; oral or written taunts, including name-calling, put-downs, extortion, or threats; or threats of retaliation for reporting such acts. Bullying may also include cyberbullying or cyberthreats. Cyberbullying is sending or posting harmful or cruel text or images using the Internet or other digital communication devices. Cyberthreats are online materials that threaten or raise concerns about violence against others, suicide or self-harm.

First Offense:      Conference, detention, in-school suspension, or 1-18                              
yout-of-school suspension.


Subsequent Offense:  1-180 days out-of-school suspension or expulsion.


Examples of bullying behaviors could include the following:


    ·Hurting someone physically by hitting, kicking, tripping, or pushing

    ·Ganging up on someone

    ·Teasing someone in a hurtful way

· Using put-downs, such as insulting someone’s race or making fun of someone for being a boy or       a girl

    · Spreading rumors or untruths about someone

 · Leaving someone out on purpose, or trying to get other kids not to include someone


Students of the Montgomery County R-II District will do the following things to prevent bullying:


· Treat each other respectfully

· Refuse to bully others verbally, physically, or in cyberspace

· Refuse to let others be bullied

· Refuse to watch, laugh, or join in when someone is being bullied

· Try to include everyone in activities, especially those who are often left out

· Report bullying to an adult.


Teachers and staff in the Montgomery County R-II District will do the following things to prevent bullying and help children feel safe at school:

  •  Closely supervise students in all areas of the school and grounds and monitor the use of technology at school.

  •  Watch for signs of bullying and stop it when it happens.

  •  Respond quickly and sensitively to bullying reports using the Four-A-Response process (Affirm Feelings, Ask Questions, Assess Safety, and Act by coaching child on what to do in the future).

  •  Look into all reported bullying incidents. 

Consequences for Violation of the Anti-Bullying Policy


Depending on the severity and nature of the incident, the Montgomery County R-II District will take one or more of the following steps when bullying occurs:

  •  Intervention, Warning, and Redirection

A teacher, principal, or staff member will ensure that the immediate behavior stops and reinforce to the student that bullying will not be tolerated.  During this meeting with the student, the staff member will redirect the student and come up with a plan for success, in case they find themselves in a similar situation in the future.

  •  Notification of Parents

School staff will notify the parents of involved students.  The parents might be asked to meet with the principal or other members of the school staff, including the student’s teacher and/or the school counselor.

  •  Resolution with the Target of the Bullying

  The student may be required to write a letter of apology to the student who was bullied.  Depending upon the nature of the incident, the students involved may meet to help resolve the problem and ensure it does not happen again.

  •  Referral to Professional School Support Staff

 The student may meet with the school counselor to help prevent future violations.

  •  Consequences

  The student may participate in a conference with the counselor or principal, loss of school privileges, detention, in-school suspension, or 1-180 days out-of-school suspension.

  •  Suspension

  In cases of severe or repeated bullying, the student may serve either in school or out of school suspension as governed by board of education policies.

Jonesburg Elementary Response to Bullying

At Jonesburg Elementary, we are committed to preventing bullying and responding to it appropriately when it does occur.  Our procedures include:


  1. Prior to the start of school, all faculty and staff view a two hour Bully Awareness and Prevention video and have to pass a test over the video.

  2. Faculty and staff are informed and aware that they are required to report a bullying incident within two school days.

  3. At the beginning of the year, all students learn about signs of bullying and how to respond to and report bullying in our school through our weekly Guidance Counseling time. 

  4. Also during our weekly Guidance Counseling time at the beginning of the year, students are shown how to fill out a Bullying Incident Report Form that will be turned in to office staff, principal, or guidance counselor, and where the forms are located.

  5. Bullying Incident Report Forms can be found on the school webpage under “For Parents”, outside of the guidance counselor’s office door, and in the front entrance lobby above the table that has information for parents.

  6. In October, students continue to receive bully awareness education during an Anti-Bully week.  During the Anti-Bully week, the Montgomery County R-II Anti- Bullying Parent/Student Contract will be signed.

  7. Once a Bully Awareness Incident Report Form is received it will be dated, and the incident will be investigated within two school days and completed within ten school days from the date of “written report” unless good cause exists to extend timelines. 

  8. Retaliation against persons who report bullying is prohibited and consequences and “appropriate remedial action” for persons who engage in retaliation will be warranted.    

  9. Parents/Guardians will be contacted as needed depending on the outcome of the investigation.  Please keep in mind that if you are reporting a bullying incident as a third party Federal and State Laws prohibit school personal from sharing the outcome of the investigation with individuals who are not the child’s legal parent or guardian.

  10. Any questions regarding this process should be directed to the faculty or staff at Jonesburg Elementary at: 833-662-6228 without hesitation.

Students, Parents, and Educators: Sign the anti-bullying contract.  Please return this page to your child’s teacher to indicate that all parties understand the Montgomery County R-II bullying policies.


Montgomery County R-II Anti- Bullying Parent/Student Contract


Student’s Responsibility:

         I,__________________, promise that I will do my best to keep our schools a safe and caring place.  This means that I will:


  1.   Treat everyone with kindness and respect-- in person, on the phone, or via cyberspace. 

  2.   Resolve disagreements with other students peacefully.

  3.   Never tease, hurt, name-call, or bully another student.

  4.   Refuse to join in if I see someone else being bullied.

  5. Ask for help from an adult if I am bullied or see someone else being bullied.




Student’s Signature Date          



Parent/Guardian’s Responsibility:

I promise to do my best to keep our schools safe and caring places.  This means I will:


  1. Commit to encouraging my child to always respect others.

  2. Instruct my child not to bully.

  3. Advise my child to report any bullying to the school administration.

  4. Report bullying concerns to the teacher/bus driver, the principal, or other school personnel to allow the school to investigate and address concerns.

  5. Monitor my child’s use of technology to ensure that cyber communications are respectful. 



    ______________________________ __________

    Parent/Guardian’s Signature     Date



    School’s Responsibility:

    I promise to do my best to keep our schools safe and caring places.  This means I will:


  1. Proactively supervise students in school settings including cyberspace.   

  2. Instruct my students not to bully.

  3. Encourage students to report any bullying to a teacher, staff member, or school administration.

  4. Investigate bullying reports and apply the Four-A process.

  5. Assign consequences as appropriate. 




    ______________________________ __________

    Teacher’s Signature      Date



    ______________________________ __________

    Administrator’s Signature      Date